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General Questions

Do you do Alzheimer's day care?

Sorry, we are not a memory care facility. Our program participants have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and are also clients of the Regional Center.

Can my loved one attend by dropping in whenever they want to?

Regular attendance is required so participants can get the most out of the available opportunities provided by the program.

How is Stable Living different than other programs?

Stable Living offers a vast array of opportunities for participants. From cooking and kitchen safety to crafts, wood and metalworking, car care, digital art and much more, we help participants learn life and job skills that they actually enjoy. We are not babysitters—we are supportive facilitators.

Who transports participants to your program locations?

Many program participants are transported by family members to the location nearest them, while others take public transportation and Dial-a-ride buses. Participants are responsible for their own transportation as we do not provide pick up and drop off except occasionally when outings require this due to time constraints.

Will my loved one be safe in your program?
Safety is a top priority at Stable Living. We do not accept participants with known aggressive behavioral issues, and our staff to participant ratio is 1:3. We also teach safety awareness as part of daily activities, such as cooking, sewing, wood shop, and community integration.

More About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to become safely and successfully independent.

About Our Shop

Program participants create unique handmade products, alone or with help, to sell in our shop. Your purchase helps to support our participants, as they are paid according to the work they contribute to each item.

How to Join Our Program

Call or email us to schedule a tour of the Stable Living Program nearest you, or learn more about joining us here.

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