Puppy Training



Stable Living Puppy Training Program

We have some excellent individuals who are gifted and enjoy training puppies.

Age of training

Usually between 8 weeks to 10 weeks of age, but we have trained a few older puppies.

Duration of training

Depends how much training you would like for the puppies – usually 4 – 6 weeks. Though we have done less and more depending on the need.

Skills we work on

We start with the basics – Sit, down, stay, off.  Walking on a leash, crate training, start to house break, social skills with people and for the older puppies w/ other dogs. Riding in a vehicle. Playing games with humans and other dogs.  Interactions with other animals and specially interaction with humans.

Why do we do this?  It is a great opportunity for many of our individuals to shine.  They love the interactions with the puppies and dogs and their desire for this interaction has opened the doors for many opportunities to provide a great service to individuals who do not have the time to spend with brand new pups.  We get the puppies over the first stages of puppyhood and a good foundation on the basics which really help new puppies settle into busy lives.

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