Life Skills

Successful Life Skills: Community Service, Health & Recreation, and Daily Living Skills

Stable Living empowers our program participants to live safely and successfully independent through hands-on training, employability training, education, cooking, arts and crafts, community integration, and more.

Among the living skills we teach are:

Communications and conversational skills

We teach respect we teach how to be ladies and gentlemen and how to think of other people we teach that it’s good to help and it’s OK to except help we teach that it’s OK to be unique and it’s OK to stand out but it’s also OK to be like everyone else and it’s OK not to stand out it’s OK to be who you were made to be we teach honor

Work on budgeting we work on additional between wants and needs we work on importance such as paying bills above entertainment again have a said to go to attain something that you might want in the future we develop develop a word called anticipation looking forward to something in the future that you don’t get right at this moment and again all of this is around their own goals that they set for themselves

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