Community Service

Stable Living and Stable Living II are community integration programs that work toward providing a purpose. We empower our clients to live safely and successfully independent through hands-on training, employability training, education, cooking, arts and crafts, community integration, and more.

A key part of our community integration program is service to our communities. Some of these service opportunities include:

  • Cleaning and setting up between plays and programs for the historic, non-profit Westside Theater in Newman.
  • Packing food bags for senior citizens and low-income households at the Salvation Army in Modesto and in Newman.
  • Packing “Weekend Wellness” food bags for local school children who may not otherwise have enough food to eat during the weekend.
  • Setting up tables and chairs for events at the Fifty Plus Club in Newman.
  • Various recognition events for local first responders.

Benefits of Service Opportunities

Community service opportunities benefit our clients in several ways, including:

  • Learning responsibility.
  • Gaining a sense of achievement and community membership.
  • Learning that volunteering improves the entire community.
  • Learning job skills and job requirements, such as punctuality and work ethic.
  • Learning to follow directions and work well with others.
  • Gaining a sense of self-esteem and independence.

At Stable Living, the focus for clients is on growth opportunities, and we believe that community service is one of the greatest opportunities for growth possible. We are honored to serve our communities and have seen the joy and pride our clients feel when they participate as contributing members of society.

If you have a volunteer opportunity you would like to discuss with us, please contact staff at either location. We will be happy to consider projects or programs that fit our mission and client time availability.

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